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NXT Directorv 1.1

Use your Bluetooth enabled Palm device as a remote control for your Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot!

NXT Director is Freeware for the Lego Mindstorms robot community, if you use it and like it please consider a donation. You can also support by purchasing our other product Call Director.

Version History:
v1.10 - *NEW* Updated button / motor assignments!
v1.05 - Telemetry of Sound Sensor, Light Sensor and Touch Sensor added!
v1.00 - Initial release.

Download NXT Director v1.1

v1.1 has new and improved button -> motor assignments which allow you to assign each button (forward, reverse, left, right) to any combination of motor A,B,C (forward/stop/reverse). This enables you to now setup NXT Director to work with a wider range of robot designs.

Tested on Treo 650, LifeDrive, Zire72, SONY TH55/E and Tungsten series. If you have used it on other models let us know so we can add it to the list.